The Hornby Way

Our Hornby Way of Life 

On Hornby Island, we’re self-sufficient and resourceful. This is evident in everything we do, from our building practices, which encourage the use of recycled materials, to our thriving agricultural sector, which sustains our community. Valuing reciprocity in our relationships with one another and with the natural world that surrounds us, we aim to live sustainably and harmoniously. Each Hornby community member shares this collective commitment while enjoying the freedom to pursue their own meaningful path. 

Your Hornby Story

We invite visitors to experience the magic of the island. All we ask is that you treat Hornby Island with the same care as you would your own home. Contributing to our community means following all bylaws and respecting our sustainability initiatives, particularly by using water sparingly and reducing your ecological footprint. It means being mindful of others and supporting our small businesses. By working together, we can ensure Hornby Island’s special way of life continues for generations to come.

For more information about best practices on Hornby, check out our Travel Tips + Regulations.

Travel Tips