Mountain Biking & Hiking

Follow the Path to Adventure 

The trails on Hornby Island have history. Created over thirty years ago by a dedicated group of mountain bike enthusiasts, the trails are clearly marked, boast delightfully quirky names, and cater to cyclists and hikers of all abilities, from beginner to expert.  

Getting to the trails is easy. You’re never more than 10 minutes away from a trail, and there are multiple access points all across the island. With over 80 km of single track to explore, you’ll be glad you did.


Trek into a Wooded Wonderland

Hornby’s trails range from easy to challenging and bring hikers through a variety of terrain, from grassy plains overlooking the ocean, to rainforest-like stands of stately cedars, to vistas of arbutus trees clinging to a cliff. 

Mountain Biking

Defy Gravity

A mountain biker’s paradise, Hornby Island is covered in well-maintained trails that guarantee spectacularly smooth and fast rides down Mount Geoffrey.

What to Know Before You Bike 

  • No Shuttle Access

    There is no shuttle access by vehicle and you must pedal up, so leave your big bike at home. Most cyclists can reach the top in around 30 minutes.

  • Bring a Lock

    Generally bike theft is rare, but it can happen from time to time. Be safe; bring a lock.

  • Ride with Caution

    On shared trails, ride with care, limiting speed to 20 km/hr. Be cautious on trails popular with hikers, such as Northwind and Cold Deck.

  • Best Time to Ride

    The spring, fall, and winter provide particularly good riding opportunities. Instead of bone-dry dirt, the trail is tacky, offering just the right amount of resistance for ideal mountain biking. 

Trail Map

Check out the vast network of trails and identify your ideal route.