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Media Mentions

Hornby in the Headlines

Hornby attracts a lot of media attention due to its white-sand beaches, world-class mountain biking, and thriving arts community. Below are some recent media mentions and resources.

Hornby Island Mountain Bike Locals
Nigel Fletcher – Mountain Bike BC

A short film starring Hornby’s Dirt Surfers shredding the island’s trails.  Spring and early summer offer valleys complete with tacky dirt, almost abandoned trails, and otherworldly seas of sword fern while autumn offers golden rides through dampened forests. During winter’s storms, trails remain mild and reward hardy souls equipped with the right gear with lush, rain-soaked forests.

Casey & Finnegan Send a Message

Famed puppets Casey and Finnegan of CBC’s Mr. Dressup boarded the Sun Corona on a tour of the Salish Sea and dispatched an urgent message to Prime Minister Trudeau and Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan about the commercial Pacific herring fishery: “We must stop it!”.

Photographing The Landscape
Adam Gibbs

In this video I spend several days photographing the landscape on Hornby Island. Hornby Island is one of many islands that are scattered along the east coast of Vancouver Island. I also challenge myself to find order out of some rather complex and perhaps very chaotic scenes.

Scuba Diving With Sea Lions
Sea and Becky Kagan Schott of Liquid Productions dive with Pacific Pro Dive and Marine Adventures to visit the incredibly cute and curious sea lions of British Columbia, Canada. Filmed at two locations; Vivian Island and Hornby Island, central Vancouver Island, BC.

Nat Geo Wild

This week Bertie Gregory is getting wet. Steller sea lions are one of the largest predators in the waters of Vancouver Island and today, Bertie is getting up close and personal with them. On land, sea lions are big and clumsy looking, but in the water, they lengthen out and come alive. They need to be agile—the big males need to catch more than a hundred pounds of fish a day just to survive. The question is, How will these big bulls react when Bertie puts on a wet suit?

130 Seconds Of Hornby
Grant Baldwin

I went on holiday with family for 4 days. I wanted to see if I could pull off shooting a promo video video while on vacation. Could I do it without ignoring family?

Encounter With Steller Sealions
Ben Hollis

We took a trip with Hornby Island Diving to Hornby Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, to see their Steller sea lions. These big mammals were very curious and wanted to check us out and nibble on our gear. We did two dives with them, spending about two hours total interacting with them.

Canada’s #1 Hidden Gem

Known as Canada’s “little Hawaii,” Hornby Island is the best place to visit for summer 2020 off the coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It takes a while to get there, but it’s definitely worth the trek out! In this Canadian travel vlog I explore Helliwell Provincial Park, Fossil Beach Farm, and so much more on Hornby Island.

Weekend Escape to Hornby Island

Norco ambassadors Michelle Davies, Jo Peters and Melanie Schumacher together with Norco staffer and photographer Tom Richards took the opportunity to head over to the island for a weekend escape just before the busy summer season kicks off.