About Hornby

A Community with Roots 

Hornby is situated in the traditional territory of the K’ómoks First Nation, who called the island Ja-dai-aich. Starting with the K’ómoks, a wide spectrum of people has been drawn here: farmers, fishermen, and more recently, American draft resisters, artists and writers, and those looking for a slower pace of life. Each group has added its own flavour to the island’s diverse culture. Today, all kinds of people live, work, and welcome visitors to Hornby, a place whose beauty kindles a sense of belonging, and a community where cultural expression co-exists with a love of the natural world.

The Location

A Gem of a Destination

Located off the coast of Vancouver Island, Hornby is a Gulf Island paradise. White sandy beaches, towering stands of Douglas fir, expansive cliff-top views, and parks crisscrossed with mountain biking trails—it’s no wonder Hornby is often called a hidden gem. The good news? It’s not that hidden, and there are many ways to get here.

Getting to Hornby