Hornby Island Bakery & Pizzeria



  • Open: Year-Round*
  • Contact: Jon Laskin
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Together Foods

A family tradition on Hornby Island  since 1976 – In the late 1970’s the Syzygy Co-op Community was invited by the Hornby Island Co-op to set up a tent  food booth to make and sell lunches.  They called it ‘Together Foods”. This eventually evolved into the Ringside Market. My parents, Richard and Serena Laskin, made and sold pizza on Fridays. This was a very popular food and soon customers were asking for pizza every day! In those early years, the land Cooperative also built a travelling pizza booth (Pie in the Sky Pizza) bringing pizza to music and craft festivals around the Province. The Courtenay Renaissance Faire and the Vancouver Folk Music Festival were the main venues.  At the same time in 1982, the old farmhouse located on the Syzygy property – the Cardboard House became available for occupancy and my parents created and ran Pizza Galore.​

2020 Hornby Island Business of the Year Award winner