Tom Knott

Sculpture & Woodworking


  • Contact: Tom Knott
  • Address: 4105 Euston Road
  • Where to find my art: My home studio and the Hornby Island Farmers Market

I work with found metal & reform it into sculptures that seem to continue from much earlier work in assemblage sculpture (mostly with found objects …). I see geometrical forms with the mind’s eye.

One day, I watched the classic yin-yang symbol become a ring, with an S-shape joining the two edges through the center… & suddenly saw that the form had only a single surface — like a Mobius strip, but not a Mobius strip!

This has become a deep symbol … metaphor … sign … realization of the essential unity of the world. Like every other human being, I continue to struggle with the way things, ideas, persons, seem determined to appear in my interior world as separated objects; in harmony or conflict, in their apparent separateness. Yet when I see a bit more deeply, more broadly, they are all interconnected … push or pull on one & all the others move too.

It strikes me that this experience of essential unity is healing for the pain we all feel from separation, from each other & from the natural world — matters which we are now facing wherever we turn in today’s world. So this is what lies at the heart of this work.

My work (& I) can be seen regularly at the Farmers’ Market, occasionally in shows at the HIAC Gallery & the Hall, & by appointment at my studio.