Mary Preston

Painting & Drawing


  • Contact: Mary Preston
  • Where to find my art: Home studio on Hornby, Hornby Farmer's Market, Botanica Gifts

When light passes through glass something magical happens.

The richness and beauty in the light, texture and colour of stained glass make it a wonderfully satisfying medium in which to work. I like to be surrounded by a large variety of glass spread out like a palette to inform my choices as each piece is evolving.

There have been many opportunities when creating a stained glass panel to incorporate some of my fused glass which adds an additional dimension to the piece.

The living world provides endless variety for inspiration. My foray into the world of fused glass was inspired by John Hansen of Quadra Island who has been a most generous teacher and mentor. Fused glass is flat not blown and is produced in a kiln using cut and crushed glass. Once assembled, the glass is fused together to make one solid piece. It can then be draped or slumped to produce bowls, plates or decorative pieces. Depending on the work, a piece can be fired one time or 6 times to achieve the desired effects. Fused glass work can be either decorative or functional. The heat of the kiln forms the glass by varying temperatures, types of glass and firing times which will produce different effects.

I am attracted to bold colours and abstract art forms which you will find reflected in many of my glass art. My work is informed by nature and Hornby Island is my creative inspiration.

I’ve called my enterprise, Pane In The Glass.

Hours: Peak Season
By appointment, Botanica Gift Shop at Beulah Creek Nursery and Farmer’s Market

Shoulder Season
Botanica Gift Shop, By appointment

Off Season
Botanica Gift Shop, By appointment

Farmers Market – Yes