Painting & Drawing , Textiles

Jo Lechay


  • Contact: Jo Lechay
  • Where to find my art: By Appointment, and Hornby Farmer's Market

During a long professional career in dance and theatre in the U.S. and Canada, my direction gradually shifted to the visual arts. Hornby became part of my life when I performed here in 1990. I’ve called it home since moving from Montreal in 2003.

In spite of the incredible beauty of this island, landscape has never moved me as a subject for my work. The body in motion, by contrast, has always fascinated me; the realization that drawings and paintings are not static objects on the wall but are expressions propelled by movement swept me into the visual arts.

I draw and paint best when improvising with my whole body, working quickly and without a plan, using my left or right hand, sometimes both at once. I never work sitting down. Composition, colour, line and emotional content are discovered en route. And every undertaking, whether from life of the imagination, is a visceral investigation of myself.

My work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in Canada and the US, initially in conjunction with performances, and has been represented in the Kabbani Collection, Q Contemporary, in Beirut and at the Beaux-arts des Amerilques in Montreal. My late husband, writer-director Eugene Lion, was a life-long collaborator.