Mountain Biking


Hornby Island is home to some of the best Mountain Biking in the world. Whether you are looking to get your feet wet and learn how, or are a seasoned racer seeking some of the smoothest, fastest trails around, Hornby Island has it all.

With several trail access points around the Island, you are sure to have one near your accommodation. One of the joys of riding Hornby is that you don’t have to load up the car to get on the trails. You are never more than a 10 minute ride to the nearest trail!

If you are new to the Island, the first step is to get a map. Stop by the bike shop in the Ringside Market to pick one up. With over 80km of single track, you will be glad you did. And be sure to check out the Hornby Island Mountain Bike Association’s website for info on Hornby mountain bike events.

Things to keep in mind:

  • There is no shuttle access by vehicle – You MUST pedal up, so leave your big bike at home.
  • Generally bike theft is very limited, but in the summer it can happen from time to time. Be safe, bring a lock.
  • With a huge range of trails, there is truly something for everyone. Hornby is a very bike friendly Island – don’t be shy!

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