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Dragonboat launch

New Horizons 1765 Sollans Road

We are excited to tell you we have found a boat package in Vancouver, including two boats, a dolly, a support boat, some paddles and life jackets.  We anticipate the cost of getting the program up and running to be about $15000. To that end we have started a GoFundMe page. Check it out at   https://www.gofundme.com/hornby-island-dragon-boaters or you […]

Annual Hornby to Denman Swim!

BC Ferries Gravelly Bay Terminal 4325 Shingle Spit Rd,, Hornby Island, BC, Canada

ATTENTION ALL SWIMMERS! The annual Hornby to Denman swim is happening on Sunday July 16th at 11: 15. Come down to the thatch beach and get ready to participate in this fun Hornby tradition. The tide will be very low so bring shoes to walk down the rocky beach to the water. You can bring […]

Polar Bear Swim

Grassy Point 3405 Harwood Rd, Hornby Island, BC, Canada

Polar Bear Swim 2024 The 14 day weather forecasts a warm 6 degrees and sunny for the 2024 edition of the Hornby Island Polar Bear Swim on New Years Day. HIFR will be at Grassy Point beach with trucks, hot dogs, chai and a big bonfire in anticipation of the swimmers hitting the water at […]