Mixed Media

Michael Selby


  • Contact: Michael Selby
  • Address: 3306 Cowie Road, Hornby Island
  • Where to find my art: 3306 Cowie Road

“Inner Light Candles owe much to the efforts of the many folks on Hornby Island who helped me realize a dream I first had in 1975 of creating beautiful candles. I believe that these candles help to realize my wish to project a spirit of peace and compassionate understanding into the world.”

Inner Light Candles burn only the central bud; the outer petals remain intact. When the Rose Candle goes out, clean the centre of the candle and replace with the refill. Rose Candles will last through many refills. Each rose candle comes gift-boxed with its own handmade matching refill. Refills also available separately.

Decorate your evening with light and colour!

Prices range from $15 for small candles to $30 for large ones. Please call for more information or to place an order.