Alisa Aiken



  • Contact: Alisa Aiken
  • Address: 3705 Roburn Road
  • Where to find my art: My home studio and the Hornby Island Farmers Market

I am 77 and have been making jewelry on and off since I was 11 years old. I have also done woodcarving, knitting, crochet, acrylic and watercolour painting and many other crafts but, I always came back to jewelry. I retired from operating room nursing in 1987 and moved to Hornby, where my sister lived. Here I met and married my second husband and we ran a Veterinary Clinic for 10 years. I now live as a single person since my husband has been in a care facility for years.

On a trip while working for HIAC, I met a woman wearing a fused glass pendant and was entranced. She agreed to give me a private class in Prince George 7 years ago and I have being loving this craft since then. I later learned wire-working from tutorials online and plan to expand that aspect of jewelry making.

I retired from HIAC to sell my own work in the Farmer’s Market. I love meeting people there and selling my own work. Being in the market, seeing the wonderful art that people create is extremely inspiring as are all the art shows at HIAC, and everywhere else on the island. This is a wonderful place to create!