#myhornbystory: Lana Tutt

Humans can survive almost anywhere, but we are limited in places where we can thrive. Hornby Island just so happens to be one of those places. My husband and I left our nine to five stressors in the big city to experience a nine-month organic farming apprenticeship on Hornby in 2015. Mounting dissatisfaction with a conventional way of life drove us to seek a more beautiful world we knew in our hearts was possible. We found it on Hornby Island.

may pole

Our path to Hornby is not unique. Many have come to the island in the same fashion. I am convinced that organic farming enthusiasts have won the lottery; their passions lead them to open their minds and develop their skills amongst the most stunning landscapes on the planet. Our winning ticket took us to a place where the forest smells sweet, sunsets can incite tears and winter storms literally take your breath, and balance, away. The natural wonders of this island are enough to make even the most austere among us soften, but that has always been without question. There are many reasons to love this place, but not all of them are visible to the naked eye.

The Hornby spirit is intangible, but it can be felt. It can be felt under the lights of the Community Hall and in front of the stage at the Hornby Festival. It is in the smiles of faces we cross paths with on Upper Bench, and amongst the gentle murmurs at a Grassy Point sunset. I have gazed at the Community Quilt and pondered the many hours of delicate consideration given to each tile, and in doing so have been filled with reassurance that this island has and will continue to achieve great things. As the theme of the quilt changes each year, so will the challenges Hornby faces, but I don’t doubt the outcome will be just as beautiful as the Community Quilt. Perhaps if I improve my sewing prowess I can one day contribute a tile, otherwise I will keep crossing my fingers in hopes that my raffle ticket will be drawn as winner.


I have spent only a short time on this island, but already it has gifted me with so much. This realization has spurred ongoing self-reflection into my own potential role within the community. I ponder what niche I may someday fill, and how I may use it to serve not only myself, but the entire community. Thank you, Hornby Island, for being a place where humans do not just merely live, we thrive.

– Lana Tutt