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Hornby Island is a magical destination for tying the knot, particularly in the months of May, June, and September, but also through the summer and winter. If you are contemplating getting hitched on Hornby, we welcome you with open arms and the community is happy to help build your memories.

To help you plan the big event, these businesses and tips can help you make the most of your special day. People planning other events such as birthdays, reunions, and conferences might also find this directory useful.

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Sea Breeze Lodge

Sea Breeze Lodge beach ceremony[/caption]Sea Breeze Lodge offers a customizable all-inclusive wedding experience including an oceanfront ceremony location, a newly constructed dining room seating up to 150 guests, 3 fully catered meals offered over the course of 2-3 days, accommodation for up to 80 guests, and exclusive access to 12 acres of waterfront property.
Contact: Jeff or Stephen Bishop
Ph: 250-335-2321

Isla de Lerena Vineyard

A beautiful wedding location with ceremonies being held on a small island on a pond and receptions of up to 130 guests, with a vineyard backdrop. This beautiful island jewel will bring romance to life.
Ph: 250-335-2491

Hornby Island Community Hall

For a DIY reception in the shoulder season, the iconic Hornby Hall can accommodate weddings, showers and special events. A stage and a kitchen for catering are in the facility. Maximum capacity 200, comfortable table seating for 100. Note kitchen tools and dishes are limited.
Booking agent, ph:  250-335-1848
Fee schedule, floor plan, etc :
Note the pre-booking meeting for scheduling events at the Community Hall is held on the third Tuesday of the September of the previous year. If you cannot attend the pre-booking meeting, you can put your request in writing, 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. Or check for availability anytime by calling the booking agent’s number. Note there is almost no availability in July and August.

New Horizons Hall

This is a smaller venue than the Community Hall. A fully equipped kitchen, tables and chairs etc. are in the facility. Computer compatible large screen tv, audio/visual, PA system included. Maximum capacity 90, comfortable table seating for 60.
Booking agent: 250-335-2101

Joe King Park Clubhouse

This funky venue features a stage, dance floor, lounge area, bar and kitchen. Athletic Association can be commissioned to provide bar service. Limited onsite camping available for events. Comfortable table seating for 60.
Contact: Stephanie Wells
Ph: 250-335-3423

Private Homes
Check here for homes, some on acreages, that accommodate small gatherings.

-It is a good idea to come and take a look at the facilities prior to booking to ensure they meet your needs.
-You will need to clean up the hall after your event, or hire someone to do so. (Try Colleen Work at 250-335-2361)

Ceremonies in the Parks
Photo credit: Gina-Rae Horvath Photography
A special license must be obtained from Parks, either Provincial ( or Regional, to have your ceremony in one of the island parks.

Marriage Commissioner/Officiant
Photo credit: Gina-Rae Horvath Photography

Helen Onorah
Ph: 250-335-2675

Joan Harris
Ph: 250-335-3411

Off-island Officiants

Party Rentals

Party & Event Rentals Inventory:

A complete set of supplies, everything needed to host an event on the island, including white chairs, tables, tablecloths, napkins, dishes, glassware, cutlery, etc. for rent (bonus: the proceeds go towards the Community Fund, which sponsors community projects on Hornby.)

Wedding Photographers

jennifer armstrong photography

Fine art documentary photography serving hornby island, vancouver island, the gulf islands & beyond.
Ph: 250-335-1915

Gina-Rae Horvath Photography

Gina Rae Horvath wedding photography
With distinct flair, Gina-Rae has photographed over 1000 weddings in Canada and abroad. Her work has been featured on HGTV, The Life Channel, Bravo, The Wedding Network, and T.V. Ontario.
Ph: 250-335-2443

Paper Sun Photography

Vintage-style portrait and documentary photography capturing the sweetness, lightness and love of your important day.
Contact: Kim June Johnson
Ph: 250-335-9012

Caterers & Servers
Chef Ben, Ben Berkeveld
Offers full catering services for wedding and other events of 50 people or more, including wedding cakes and practice dinners.
Ph: 250-335-2726, 250-465-8569

Wedding Cakes
Chef Ben, Ben Berkeveld
Ph: 250-335-2726 or 250-465-8569

Liquor, Ice, & Mix
Hornby Island Coop Liquor Store
Large liquor and ice orders should be pre-ordered at the Coop Store

The Wandering Alchemist Custom Craft Cocktail Catering

Bar catering services for weddings and events.
Custom cocktail design, supply purchase planning, certified serving staff, and locally sourced ingredients.
Contact: Jeremy Payne, Mixologist and Tastemaker
Ph: 702-886-5275

Please note: If you plan to serve liquor, you will need to apply yourself for a private family Special Occasion License. The caterers are not permitted by law to do this for you. Learn more here.

Middle Mountain Mead

“Honeymoon” refers to the ancient practice of giving the newlyweds enough mead to drink for a month to ensure a fruitful beginning to their union. Middle Mountain Mead’s Rosemeade honey rose liqueur 
is the ultimate gift of love in a bottle, perfect for the toast to the bride.
Ph: 250-335-1397

Hornby Island Estate Winery

Sparkling Champagne style wines, Ports and Sherry made from island fruit and berries.
Ph: 250-335-3019

Isla de Lerena Vineyard

These wines bring the uniqueness of this beautiful island to you in specially crafted way that will enhance your special day. We have a wide selection of white and red wines with a sparkling to toast the occasion. Come by for a tasting.
Ph: 250-335-2491


The Songbirds

Five-piece dance party band with great three-part harmonies, lush guitar and bass, and lots of energy! Guaranteed to rock your party with an eclectic mix of upbeat retro and new tunes you’ll love to dance to. Includes complete sound system. Plus a four-piece acoustic group to serenade your guests before the ceremony, and a special song for the Processional and Recessional.
Contact Don Geppert
Ph: 250-335-2636

On the Rocks

On the Rocks Hornby Island wedding music
Acoustic ensemble composed of cello, mandolin and two guitars, that specializes in beautiful love songs for weddings, preludes, and processionals (such as Pachebel’s Canon). They can also entertain guests at the reception and dance with their electric rock band, The Songbirds. “On the Rocks” is also a great choice for other quieter venues such as house parties, restaurants and wineries.
Contact Cath Gray
Ph: 250-335-9056

Ted Tanner

Skillfully weaving acoustic guitar, voice and harmonica, Ted Tanner will infuse your event with that magic touch of live music… 25 years performance experience, 200+ song repertoire and complete sound system, which can be battery powered if needed.
Ph: 250-335-9033

The Rudiments
Six-piece dance band. Positive old-school Jamaican-style soul, reggae, ska, dub, and lovers’ rock. Sweet four-part harmonies with drums, bass, guitar and sound system.
Contact Brett or James
Ph: 250-335-1600

Amani Marimba
Uplifting, high energy African rhythms for a great night! Let’s dance! Seven-piece band and full sound system. Can also play quiet dreamy mbira (thumb piano) music with vocals, for gathering or ceremony.
Contact Jill Candlish
Ph: 250-335-1406

Marc’s Musical Services

Hornby Festival 2006
Marc Atkinson

Marc Atkinson has been touring internationally for 20 years in his two groups The Bills and the Marc Atkinson Trio. Marc plays acoustic, Gypsy Jazz instrumental music that is perfect for weddings and receptions.
Ph: 250-335-1722

Jilli Martini

Jilli Martini is a well-known Comox Valley singer/performer, fronting the duo, trio or full band. Jill and her various groups can deliver a solid dance- party band, guaranteed to rock your event, but can also be the laid back acoustic show of favourite tunes up, close and personal.

Fiddle/accordion duo. Music in the Celtic tradition, from lyrical to toe-tapping. Dance caller available.
Contact Lisa Doig
Ph: 250-331-3702

Jeff and June
Jeff and June sing kicky old folk traditionals and sweet-home love ballads with tightly woven harmonies and a ukulele. Perfect light-hearted dinner music.
Contact Kim June Johnson
Ph: 250-335-9012

Pat Mullan DJ
Pat offers full DJ services for weddings and other events including sound system, mics, lighting and slide projector.
Ph: 250-335-1390

Lights (disco ball, too) for performers or dance floor
Dean Samuel: 250-335-2022
Tim Chapman: 250-335-1338

Hornby Island Sound
Audio equipment rentals and full DJ services to ensure you have the smoothest, best sounding event possible.
Ph: 250-335-9033


Photo credit: Gina-Rae Horvath Photography

Alina Milek
Ph: 250-335-1564

Robin Walford
Specialty bouquets for all occasions.  Organic, fresh, unique
Ph: 250-335-0824

Fresh Flowers, seasonal
Photo credit: Gina-Rae Horvath Photography

Mary & Nancy’s Flower Stand: 2050 Central Road
Jemma’s Flower Stand: 1150 Central Road
Alina’s Flower Stand: By the entrance to Bradsdadland Campsite, 2105 Shingle Spit Rd.
Farmer’s Market, Wed. & Saturdays, at the Copse, Sollans Road
Coop Store, produce section: 5875 Central Road

Photo credit: Gina-Rae Horvath Photography

Beulah Creek Nursery, 250-335-2063
Sumana Gardens & Nursery, 250-335-1916

Arlene McIlroy

Photo credit: Gina-Rae Horvath Photography
Long hair and up-do are a specialty.
Ph: 250-335-9018

Bones & Stones Jewelry

Debra Selkirk makes beautiful wedding jewelry out of Hornby Island Beach pebbles, plus raw Dimond engagement and wedding rings.
Ph: 250-335-3079

Glen Rabena
Rings, bracelets, pendants.  Gold or Silver.  Prints & carving gifts.
Ph: 250-335-9025

Alina Milek
Ph: 250-335-1564

Marm’s Island Style TRAFFIC JAM, home-made by Cathy Sauve.
Custom label, wedding sized, unique Hornby jams & jellies. “Spread the love”.
Ph: 250-335-0977

Gift Makers

Hornby Creative @ the Ringside
Unique, island-made gifts

Harrison Gallery & Studio
Tina Harrison gallery and working studio, Rusty Harrison handmade wooden bowls
Ph: 250-335-0190

Veronica Lynn Designs

Veronica Lynn Design: Photo credit: Jacqueline Greer Kent
Haute couture wedding dresses by Veronica Lynn Graham.
Ph: 250-650-0715

Fibres Boutique
Forgot to pack your dress? Broken belt buckle an hour before the ceremony? We’ve got you covered! Quality clothing and gifts for every occasion, centrally located in the Ringside Market.
Ph: 250-335-0156

Nancy Adams: Whimsical

Photo credit: Gina-Rae Horvath Photography
Lovingly hand-crafted artisanal wedding attire and accessories. Working with vintage fabrics, lace, and natural fibres, Nancy embellishes her unique creations with embroidery, stitching, paint, dye or tufting.
Ph: 250-335-0864

Pampering for the Party

Sun Door Yoga

SUN DOOR YOGA offers a sacred and beautiful space for small wedding ceremonies as well as private Yoga sessions for wedding party groups with SUN DOOR founder Diane Smith.
Contact: Diane Smith
Ph: 250-335-2890

Blissful Bodywork: Andrea Rutz
Add an element of relaxation and rejuvenation to your wedding celebration with massage for yourself, your wedding party, family and friends.
Ph: 250-335-2022

Wedding & Event Planning Services
Hidden Oaks Wedding & Event Planning Service

Hornby Babysitter Service
Organizer: Responsible teen. Has completed the babysitting course, CPR course, and the fire department cadet camp.

Honeymoon and Accommodations
Tip: Accommodation is more plentiful, and at lower rates, outside of the months of July and August.

Wedding Party and Honeymoon Adventures
Wedding Party and Honeymoon Adventures
There is a mystery and a magic to Hornby Island that cannot be captured in glib taglines or slogans. We invite you to participate in the experiences of island life and create your story. It speaks to the desire of the community to welcome visitors who appreciate the rich nature and culture on the Island – those of you that wish to understand Hornby Island’s magic and contribute positively to it, while adding to your own life story.

Photo Credits
Header: Gina-Rae Horvath Photography
Happy Couples: Jennifer Armstrong Photography & Gina-Rae Horvath Photography
Aileen & Jeff Paddle boarding: Maui Maka Photography