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Adam Gibbs landscape videos of Hornby Island Feast your eyes on these gorgeous landscape compositions featuring the beauty of Hornby.
Feb 26, 2018

Scuba Diving with Sea lions at Vivian Island and Hornby Island: and Becky Kagan Schott of Liquid Productions dive with Pacific Pro Dive and Marine Adventures to visit the incredibly cute and curious sea lions. ‘These gentle giants may seem insane, but they’re just like a pack of playful puppy dogs!’
Jan 20, 2017

National Geographic Goes Diving with Sea Lions Off Norris Rocks, Hornby Island
February, 2017
“That was probably the coolest experience of my entire diving career, seriously.”

National Geographic Videographer Bertie Gregory Gets “Mobbed by Sea Lions” Off Hornby Island
August, 2016
“It’s all about sex, not about food.”

Mountain Biking the Unbelievable Trails of Hornby Island, BC
August, 2014
“No crowds. Mindblowingly gorgeous coastal forests. Brilliant trail designs. Hornby Island should be on every mountain biker’s To-Do list.”

130 Seconds of Hornby Island
Gorgeous scenes shot by a professional videographer as a passion project while visiting Hornby.

Encounter with Steller sea lions at Hornby Island
September, 2015
“We took a trip with Hornby Island Diving …to see their Steller sea lions. These big mammals were very curious and wanted to check us out and nibble on our gear.”

Food Security on Hornby Island
September, 2015
This short documentary explores food security on Hornby Island while highlighting some of the current challenges with small-scale farming.

Hornby Island Eagle Cam
Mom and Dad Hornby captured the imagination of the world in 2006, when the live cam was first broadcast. They continue to have a firm hold on the hearts of many of their original fans.

Casey and Finnegan of Mr. Dressup alive and well on Hornby Island 
August, 2015
Hornby resident, puppeteer Judith Lawrence, made Casey, Finnegan, Aligator Al and other characters.


Canada – Best Places to Visit, Hornby Island
April, 2018 Dream Vacation Magazine, named “Best of the Web” by Forbes for 9 years.
“The island is an oasis of joyful revelling, lush forests, and sandy beaches.”

‘They want to see if you’re squishy’: Swarm of sea lions nibble on divers in stunning video; Curious sea lions swarm underwater filmmakers near Vivian Island and Hornby Island
March 26, 2017, CBC News
“…it’s the visits to Helliwell Park that Bateman emphasized as a treasured family activity.”

Helliwell Provincial Park is artist Robert Bateman’s favourite spot in B.C.
January 15, 2017, CBC News
“…it’s the visits to Helliwell Park that Bateman emphasized as a treasured family activity.”

Hornby Island, B.C., is known as the ‘Hawaii of the north’
May 21, 2016, Toronto Star
“…the journey to Hornby is more like a pilgrimage to a sacred place.”

Go Canada: The Ten Best Beaches in Canada
December, 2015

Hornby Escape Hatch: Life is Better with Options
December, 2015
“With promises of lush green forests with ribbons of moss-fringed single track and the opportunity to swim with sea lions, our winter escape plan set itself in motion.”

Considering Real Estate on Hornby Island? Find Out What Makes it More than Just a Summer Retreat
March, 2016
“After researching several available options, Hornby stood out as the #1 choice for Donna and Ron to raise their family, so they took the plunge and relocated to the island.”

Words aren’t enough to describe this unique jewel in Coastal BC
“What makes this place so wonderful? What inspires people and draws people to this tiny jewel? I can confidently say it’s the locals themselves. Having travelled many different places locally, internationally, the spirit of a community will always outshine anything else.”

So, What’s Life Like on Hornby Island?
September, 2015
“The Hornby community is responsible for all of the things that make the island awesome. For example, CHFR 96.5 FM is Hornby’s local community station, which just happens to be fully run by volunteers. Locals fill hours of programming with unique content that you won’t hear anywhere else.”

Horny Hornby Island, a BC vacation paradise
August, 2015
“Hornby is truly a rare gem, one of those places where you can just feel your shoulders relaxing as soon as your car finally rolls off the tiny ferry onto the island’s gently curving, two-lane roads with nothing but a solid yellow line to lead you to wherever you’re lucky enough to be staying.”

Bucolic Beauty: Slow Grown Flow on Hornby Island
May, 2015
“…the island’s trails have a unique old-school charm. Built by bikers, for bikers since the ‘80s, 30 years of knobby tires have created flowy, sinewy ribbons of dirt that wind tightly through long-since-logged forests of douglas fir and red cedar, in places clearly built for sub-600mm handlebars.”

Hornby’s heart is the community which calls the island home
“Hornby has long been called ‘the Hawaii of Canada’ and continues to live up to this reputation. But it is more than nice beaches and pristine forests, it is home for many talented people where creativity, healthy living, and commitment to community are core values.”

Every Ride Begins With A Single Pedal Stroke…
“Hornby Island. The name evokes stunning vistas, hot sandy beaches, cool forest lowlands lit with shafts of dappled light and of course the legendary buttery smooth singletrack.”

The Pace of Things on Planet Hornby
“Meandering through this island, it’s hard to remember why you ever felt rushed to get anywhere.”

Hornby Island: worth the journey
Canadian Living Magazine, 2014
“I’m looking forward to my next visit so that I can stand on a slab of sandstone as the waves crash around me, look out at the ocean and breathe in the fresh air, before heading back to life in the city.”

Family sabbaticals: two families’ stories
Canadian Living Magazine

Offshore of central Vancouver Island, Hornby offers something for cyclists of all tastes.
Explore Magazine, October, 2013

B.C.’s unique mountain biking haven
Globe and Mail, March, 2009