The Rudiments

The Rudiments, a six-piece band playing ‘old-school Jamaican-style’ soul, reggae, ska, dub, and rock-steady, hail from Hornby Island, B.C. With sweet four-part harmonies reminiscent of the roots of Jamaica’s early reggae music, a big drum and bass sound, and signature ‘skank’ and ‘pluck’ guitars, they offer positive lyrics and a deep groove to ‘put a dip in your hip and do a twist.’ Breaking it down to the rudiments and putting it all back together, this band will put you in a dancin’ mood.

Since the group’s inception in spring 2013, there has been a rotating cast and many mini evolutions. The band we all know now is comprised of: Brett Martens and Ted Tanner on guitars, Ken Clarke on bass guitar, James Emerson and Silas Crowe on percussion, and Andrew Mark on Drums. Everyone sings! The Rudiments proudly represent roots music from Jamaica and are now amassing they’re very own collection of originally written material as well.

Whether playing on a beach for sunset, under the stars and between the rows of grapes in a vineyard, or in a packed Community Hall, The Rudiments get people of all ages dancing, smiling and spreading the love that Hornby Island has to offer.