Ted Goodden

I write in the hope you will consider the value stained glass can add to a project that you are designing, building, or restoring. Working from my studio on Hornby Island, I’ve created stained glass windows for the Hornby Island Medical Clinic, Sea Breeze restaurant, Beachcombers Academy (illustrated in this brochure), and numerous residential works in the Comox Valley (including exterior/garden works, in the brochure and at www.tedgoodden.net).

I bring a contemporary aesthetic to this traditional art form and explore fresh applications of stained glass, in new settings–such as outdoor screens. Technical advancements can be seen in the Beachcombers window (brochure), which is vacuum-sealed inside two sheets of plate glass, eliminating the need for reinforcing bars, and adding the benefit of increased longevity.

Having worked for four decades in London, Ontario–with its century-long tradition using stained glass in architectural settings, such as side lights, hallway windows, transoms and fan lights–I’m looking to expand the scope of architectural stained glass on the west coast, in collaboration with you and your clients. My credits include a feature article and cover image in Stained Glass in America, 2012, depicting my large-scale glass mural titled “Life Itself” (Not mentioned in the brochure is my professional experience in stained glass restoration and repair (www.tedgoodden.net/restorations.html).

I’m available to speak with you (and your clients) about the ways stained glass can enhance your buildings and landscapes. I enjoy the collaborative process and am eager to expand the presence of contemporary stained glass on Vancouver Island. Please contact me at 250 335 1150 or email me at tedgoodden@gmail.com.