Louise Walters

Born: August 25, 1938 Big River, Saskatchewan

Lived: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Studied: Winnipeg School of Fine Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Graduated 1961
Barnes Foundation, Merion, PA 1962/63
Emma Lake Artists Workshops with Jules Olitsky , Frank Stella, Stanley Boxer,
Larry Zox, Charles Millard

Worked: Education Officer; Community Arts Coordinator, Curator, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and also self-employed agent.

Exhibited: 1961-86 Solo and Group Exhibitions, Mendel Art Gallery, Shoestring Gallery, Saskatoon,

Saskatchewan; touring Rural Provincial Galleries, Provincial Library Galleries etc… On Hornby Island
I have mainly exhibited with Island Gallery, Arbutus Arts and at the Hornby Island Community Hall.

My Art career has been a combination of painter, teacher, curator, and entrepreneur. My organizational and teaching skills have frequently displaced personal studio time. The desire for a more secluded life where my art work would take precedence led me to consider remote Hornby Island in 1986. Having grown up and studied on the Prairies, where the land meets the sky on a line of horizon, it resonated with me to love an island where the water meets the sky in quite the same way. Coming to Hornby Island was like coming home.

I am philosophically attached to the concept of co-operatives and sharing of duties. As such, I am a shareholder of Syzygy Land Cooperative Community where I live and work and play in my garden

With an extensive background in Artist Run Gallery experience ( Shoestring Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) it was a natural sequence to join Hornby Island Artist Run Gallery, AKA Island Gallery which in turn fostered a dedicated relationship (Board of Directors) with HIAC, Hornby Island Arts Council. In this capacity I work with the Exhibition Committee to try to insure that exciting multidisciplinary opportunities are available to the Hornby Island artistic community and all interested viewers.