Janet Morgan

I was born in Ontario on October 14, 1937, in a place called Galt. (no longer on the map). Since I showed an interest in drawing, my mother sent me off to art lessons with an “old mast painter”, David Gibb. From 11 to 15, I rode my bike every Saturday morning to his studio. He took me through the classical steps – drawing from still life with pencils 2H – 6B to build up tones (sounds boring but I loved it!) progressing to oils and jaunts into the country (he was a landscape artist) and portraits (mostly pastels).

I took a year of teacher training after grade 13, but was glad to receive a Guggenheim Scholarship to Arther Lismer’s Child Art Centre in Montreal including a year of drawing and painting at the Museum school adjacent – and I was hooked.

The next September I enrolled in the Drawing and Painting program at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto Ontario. Teachers included Carl Schaeffer, Rowley Murphy, John Alferen, Eric Freifield & Jack MacDonald – pretty traditional, but Abstract Expression was the “thing” -1958 – Graham Coughtry, Harold Town etc… Wonderful library with all subjects –Sociology, Psychology, Architecture, as well as beautiful Art books! The “cool” students dropped out at the end of the second year and so did I.

Fast forward to Vancouver – Kitsilano – portraits in Stanely Park, craft fairs. I got into murals with Pier Group –J.C. Scott and Frank Lewis. An example is the logo for Longliner Seafoods Granville Market and at the Bayview School etc…
My favourite gig was Scientific Illustration –this very detailed work with technical pens did tighten up my style; and of course, I was involved with the protest movements –Vietnam, Anti-Nuke, Feminism and Solidarity against Bill Bennett’s budget, making signs, banners, posters, illustrations –remember Kinesis anyone?

Almost every summer we camped at Tribune Bay campground accessing Little Trib. beach via Spray Point field until the new owners put up a fence.

In 1987 we sold the house in Kitsilano and went our separate ways and after 3 months on Galiano doing watercolour landscapes I moved to Hornby (Doolittles) and that summer experienced the Hornby shuffle and bought my parents an abode a year later. After a couple of months in Mexico (San Miguel) and Australia –almost stayed in Oz!

Since then I’ve worked mostly in watercolour landscapes, portraits, acrylics –murals. This latter includes the Claquot mural now at the Free Store –rescued by Betty Fairbank, who is depicted in handcuffs, having been arrested in the protest.

Now I’m chiefly interested in accepting commissions to illustrate homes & cottages. Although I have a continuing love of portraiture, murals & landscapes on this most beautiful of island in the Salish Sea.