Doreen Cooper

I love painting and it has taught me to constantly observe colour, light and shadow. I try to paint what I see and my work is quite realistic although I also strive to achieve some mystery and impressionism.

I have a studio in Vancouver and also on Hornby Island where we built our home in 1989. I am always inspired when looking out of the window of my Hornby Island studio at the ever changing vistas of mountains, ocean, sky and marine activity.

I’m really into large florals right now, and landscapes, and encaustics. Encaustic paintings have always interested me because they have a particular luminosity and depth. They are created by melting hot wax and resin crystals, adding pigment and brushing or pouring the molten wax onto a surface, and fusing the layers with a heat gun or a torch. The paintings are primarily abstract and I enjoy manipulating the colours as well as embracing the artful accidents!

I am a member of the Hornby Island Arts Council and have served on the Board of Directors for four years. I show my work at Arbutus Arts Gallery and participate in the HIAC group shows.