Don Innes

Degree in Mathematics and Fine Arts (Minor) U.B.C.
Education Certificate in Sciences and Fine Arts S.F.U.
U.B.C. Course work in: Modern Art, Asian Art, Architectural Design, Printmaking and Sculptural Methodology.
Emily Carr Course work in:, Monumental Sculpture, Sculptural Processes and Creative Drawing Methods.
Place Des Arts Course work in:, Stone Sculpture, Pottery and Silkscreen printmaking

Don was involved with the Coquitlam Sculptural Symposium and was also an active participant with the Vancouver Sculptor’s Society and the Vancouver Sculpture Symposium.
He has participated and organized shows at: Van Duesen Gardens, Klee Wyck Gallery, Robson Media Center, Hornby Island Arts Centre, Arbutus Arts Gallery and has had two one-person shows at Place Des Arts (Coquitlam) as well as a one person show at the Hornby Island Community Centre this July, 2015.

Don has lived full time on Hornby Island for the last eight years.
He retired after he finished the last of 37 years of teaching.
He lives with his wife Catherine in their cabin that they built for themselves in Sandpiper Beach.
Don sculpts and photographs and Catherine writes and pursues Social Justice.

Don feels strongly that form in sculpture speaks of the values and intuitive spiritual world of all people. Each piece of sculpture is accompanied with a short piece of prose explaining its spiritual message.