Anelia Basson

I am Anelia. I love painting and designing. My passion is creating interesting and colourful pieces of art, be it a painting of an interesting person, a pillow cover, or a flowing sensual dress that accentuate your own style.

I am a self-taught artist. I was born and grew up in South Africa, and moved to Canada in 1991. I missed the sunshine and brilliant colours of Africa, and soon started to paint to fill the void. We discovered Hornby in 1996 and fell in love with the island and for the first time I felt at home again. After renting every year, we bought a place in 2012. I feel so much at peace on the island, I love the natural beauty, the climate and Hornby’s beautiful artistic people.

I started a children’s clothing business with two friends in 1995, designing very colourful funky children’s clothes.

Life happened, and I got too busy as a mom to run a business on my own after my partners left and returned to South Africa.  In the meantime, I started painting indigenous people from Africa and North America. I never gave up on my dream to design my own fabrics for my clothes. I started designing vibrant, colourful pillow cases, skirts, dresses, dog jackets and tablecloths in 2014.

My goal in life is to expose and attract people to art, using colourful textiles to brighten up any dull or boring space or day! The world can be so sad, and colour is so important in life. Many African people live very simple happy lives but wear very colourful clothing and jewellery.

My clothing is designed for comfort and style, with vibrant colours to catch the eye. Each pillow case or garment is unique in its own way. Many of my designs are a compilation of colourful scenes from nature, and many are inspired by the beautiful flowers, animals and natural beauty of Hornby Island.